List of websites – a work in progress

4 Dec

I’ll be adding to this list over time. This site will develop into a comprehensive finding aid for visiting or relocating to Buenos Aires.

General Sites Online guide to Buenos Aires  Another online guide.   Another general site with good information. The author offers guides of Buenos Aires, and act as a kind of Porteno ”fixer” for your trip. Forum for expats.

Accomodation Great site for finding accomodation anywhere in the world.Good way of avoiding BA’s agencies and their fees.    Prices usually listed in US dollars per week (sometimes the price is by the month).  This is a frustrating way to search for accomodation, as you get a  reply rate of around 10 per cent. The best approach is to mass email people telling them what you want, and to reply if they have what you are asking for.

Things to do

Bare in mind that Argentine’s have a different culture to time. Things are regularly late or are cancelled without explanation. Best to ring ahead and have a plan B in mind.  Great blog about BA art scene. Particularly useful is the weekly arts calendar for new The website attached to the weekly çultural magazine listings produced by the City Government. The magazine can be collected from Goverment offices on Avenida de Mayo.   Well designed site with good calender of events from the ”emerging arts and culture scene”.

Eating Out Spanish language website; A kind of search engine for finding restaurants, with various filters to find the types of food you like, by location, and then ranked by popularity amongst Portenos.

Getting around

If here longer than a week, a GuiaT ( the name is a pun meaning guide youself) and a Sube card are essential. The Guia-T is a comprehensive guide to all the bus routes in Buenos Aires ( AR$10, from any kiosko). The Sube card is free, you can add credit to it and use it to pay on buses and subtes (avoiding the problem of only being able to pay with the rare-to-come-by coinage of Argentina, pick one up from the OCA post stations. Spanish site that allows you to put in a start and end address and works out how to get between the two. Watch out for the estimated time of travel, Buenos Aires traffic kind grind the collectivo system to a halt, best to leave plenty of time if you need to be somewhere on the dot.

News Media   Spanish language news site.

Volunteering Has free or cheap volunteering opportunties in South America, with around five listings for Buenos Aires. Kid’s group  just restarting up ( at time of writing, Dec 2011). Currently are looking for a new location in Constitucion. After that is found, volunteers with six weeks or more time to volunteer can help run the group ( expected to be around two days a week).

Learning Spanish  an easy to register to website that matches up Spanish learners with locals looking to practice their English ( and develop their all important posh British accent) . It can take some work arranging to meet up. Email plenty of people to get a few responses, try to get their phone number and move the communication to phone ( Argentine’s check their phone more often, and don’t check emails at weekend ).

If conversation exchange fails, try the spanglish meetings US$ 10 per event, $30 per month, or $20 per month for 3 months. The events pare up Spanish speaking English learners with you, a good way to meet people.

Visa Renewal  Probably the cheapest and quickest way to get a new visa if you are about to outstay your 3 month tourist visa. AR$250 for a day ticket to Colonia with a hour hour journey each way. The buying process is fairly easy but takes 15 minutes or so. Also, get together your passport details, you need them to buy tickets.

Finding Information  The Buenos Aires equivalent of the Yellow Pages ( a comprehensive telephone directory). Good for finding telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses of specific businesses in BA.